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About Us 


            This superb facility was built by the citizens of Rice County on the east

side of Highway 56 in Lyons.  It all started because of the vision of a nucleus

of foresighted ambitious residents who desired a better place for the 4-H’ers

to show their wares.  But, instead the citizens wanted a place to

host their special events, so the Celebration Centre was built.  Then the

4-H’ers asked for a place to show their

cattle, horses, and sheep during the county 4-H fair.  So a

football-sized horse arena was built.  Then the horse shows began,

the ropings, the rodeos, and on and on it went.  Then the horse people wanted a

place to park their RVs so a RV park was born along with an outdoor arena

to train in.  An acre of land was donated on the west side of the front

parking for a park with children’s play equipment, volleyball and horse shoes,

so then Kansas had their very own “Estes Park”.   But, even before the first nail

was driven trees from the former Wagner nursery were removed, sidewalks installed,

gardens and trees were planted, and a nature trail came into being. 

            The most extraordinary aspect of this endeavor is

freedom from city, county, and local mill levies.  It was totally built,

supported, and maintained by volunteerism, donations, grants, and rentals.

            The corporation was formed as the Rice County Community Foundation, Inc.,

in 1995, and its original incorporators were Craig Zwick,

Kenneth E. Knight, and Jack W. Janssen.  

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